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The Truth about Water and Health

Water for Health

Why Water?

There is too much conflicting advice on the Internet

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t really a fan of water. I’d drink a gallon of coffee if it were offered to me. Tea? Iced or hot, doesn’t matter much. I’ll take it.

Soda. Well, that was my go to water source for years. At one point during my college years, I had the brilliant idea of drinking a six-pack of Coke for all my nutritional needs. I figured the caffeine and sugar would give me energy to last all day. You can imagine how that experiment ended.

Three years ago I finally got serious about my diet and totally changed the way I eat and most importantly WHAT I eat. I followed a modified Whole 30 and detoxed for a month. Feeling like I wasn’t quite ready to go back to regular eating, I took on a second month as a Lenten penance. 70 days of Whole 30 – 15 pounds lost – and I felt for the first time like I was able to continue making good food choices. Forty pounds lighter, I’m finding that my only difficulty remains with water.

How much are we supposed to drink? How do we know? How do we do it on a practical basis? What tricks and hacks can help us out? What products can help us? What is the science behind the “correct” water? It’s crazy when you stop and think about it but there are a hundred and one questions about water and our need for it.

Whether it’s about diets or operating systems, everyone is an expert. But what happens when the experts tell you different things? It just leaves you a conflicted mess — not knowing which was is up or down.

That was the place I found myself in and like you, I was tired of it. I decided to spend the next 365 days learning about water and testing all the theories, all the trends, all the Pinterest hacks and find out the truth about water and health. Will I feel better one year later? Tune in to find out!

My Promise to You

I will keep it real. If I recommend something it’s because I really like it or it really does offer a health benefit.


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